Webinar Replay: Tackling IAM in a Cloud & Mobile World

Are you worried about security and control in a cloud environment? If so, you’re not alone.


We recently launched a new research report in the UK on identity management in a cloud and mobile world, finding there’s an urgent need amongst IT decision makers to gain visibility and control over their IT environment. Cloud computing has caused the data security battle lines – once clearly marked as ‘us’ versus ‘the outside world’ – to become blurred, with a high percentage of cloud usage now happening under the radar, via mobile devices and across enterprises. As a result, IT security teams are struggling to simply stay in control.

With the research showing some worrying results, we decided to take the report one step further and put the findings to the test. Our recent webinar gave viewers the opportunity to ask questions about the findings to our panel of speakers, which included Billy Hamilton Stent, the managing director at independent research company Loudhouse, Gavin Simpson, director of alliances at Box, and myself. Those that attended the webinar came from across Europe, widening the discussion about industry trends, the findings and the overall perception about cloud adoption.

From the questions asked during the webinar, it’s clear the UK IT environment is keen to realise the benefits of the cloud, but is still grappling with the security concerns and risks. It’s no longer a question of if organisations will move to the cloud, but instead what they will put in it – and how they will make sure their cloud apps and data stay secure.

As IT leaders we understand that businesses need a better way to secure and control the magnitude more users, devices and applications that span traditional company and network boundaries – and that those who don’t find a way will find themselves stretched and exposed. A key part of the solution means harnessing the power of cloud and innovative technologies like Okta’s identity management to address these challenges and remain in control. As Gavin suggested during the webinar, “The cloud is a great enabler for innovation, but it has to be done securely” – and conversations like this panel are opening the door for UK companies to learn how to best do so.

For more information on the best ways to rapidly adopt cloud-based applications securely and confidently, check out our full webinar on our website. Be sure to also check out the full report on identity in a cloud and mobile world here and let us know what you think by following and sharing your thoughts with @Okta_EMEA.