Okta EMEA Partner Awards: Our Premier Partners of 2019-2020

At its core, Okta is an integration company. And without our partners, we simply wouldn’t be as successful. Partners help us innovate, accelerate our growth, and allow for the best-of-breed options that modern organizations have come to expect. And in our current economic environment, preparing and collaborating with our partners has never been more important. No matter where they’re based, or what technology they use, we can help transform organisations to be future-ready, supporting their dynamic workforce and customer base. 

Okta’s annual EMEA Partner Summit is an opportunity to engage and reconnect with our regional partner ecosystem, sharing business updates and insights from Okta leaders, and discussing strategies for joint opportunities ahead. We celebrate, acknowledge and thank partners who go that extra mile to make sure our joint customers are successful in adopting new technologies, securing their workforces and delivering delightful experiences. During the EMEA Partner of the Year awards, we virtually handed out awards to partners who continue to go above and beyond in their respective regions.

Central Europe Partner of the Year: Cancom. With a mandate to enable digital transformations, our partnership with Cancom has been driven by a perfect match of culture and vision. We share a mutual love for our customers, from large enterprises to small and mid-sized organisations, designing their cloud adoption to whatever their stage of business development. We recognize how Concom continues to invest in all means of elevating their profile, from marketing and sales, to implementation, enablement, and customer success.

Northern Europe Partner of the Year: FuseLogic. While only an Okta partner for 2 years, FuseLogic has invested incredible resources towards becoming Okta experts. Their understanding and knowledge has allowed them to implement Okta in various environments, mastering the complex use-cases that customers need to solve. They also continue to help us expand and grow our Okta Integration Network by building connectors for local applications. They are a trusted partner, and we love working with them!

Southern Europe Partner of the Year: Cloud Computing. As a foundation partner for Okta in Portugal, Cloud Computing have demonstrated the skills and experience needed to support large scale, complex projects. They have invested in developing skills and certifications around Okta services, while simultaneously building a demonstrable pipeline of business. In the years to come, we look forward to building this relationship even further.

MEA Partner of the Year: DRS. With significant reach into the enterprise market, DRS are recognized as solid, innovative security partners in South Africa. Their security depth and breadth is strong, and their vendor portfolio is a huge asset to Okta. Partnering with DRS has led to some significant wins and a rapidly growing pipeline of business. And, in terms of geography, we can’t wait to visit this territory again!

UKI Partner of the Year: Bytes. Bytes have consistently demonstrated the values and activity that Okta looks for in a true value-added partnership. Their dedication to promoting the benefits of Okta within their customer base has exceeded our expectations. In the last two years, we’ve seen an increase in pipeline and revenue, a positive shift in relationships, and a strong customer focused message around Okta. We feel a strong synergy between the Okta and the Bytes sales teams, and appreciate our alignment in moving our customers towards a security and agility balance.

GSI Partner of the Year: PwC. Since becoming one of our global partners, PwC has invested heavily in Okta training, certification and enablement. Across our strategic go-to-market regions in Europe, PwC has hosted several well-received enterprise marketing events for clients and prospects. Through these efforts, we’ve celebrated notable client wins and successful go-lives. Given the clear drive of this team, we expect to see many more wins in the future.

A special thank you to all of this year’s award winners, and to our entire partner ecosystem. To learn more about our partner program, Okta Partner Connect, or become a partner, visit us here!