Interning at Okta

Our interns are pivotal in shaping the future of the company. With the support of managers and mentors, we want you to be successful and start your career with us!

Okta hires interns and new graduates into roles across the company globally.

As an intern, you’ll do real work that matters. Our Software Engineer interns write code that ships, our Business Development Rep interns are on the phone with our customers, our Solutions Engineer interns develop amazing presentations that showcase the power of our product. While you’re on board, you’ll work on meaningful projects and have an opportunity to see what working at Okta is all about. You’ll also have the support of your mentor and manager to help you develop new skills. 

Our interns have the opportunity to build a strong community - with their fellow interns, within their teams, and with the broader company. We want you to grow professionally and you’ll do that through participating in events like our Executive Speaker Series and Lunch & Learns.  And of course, we want you to have fun too.

We offer 12 week internships in the U.S. in the Summer and 16 week co-ops in Canada in Fall, Winter, and Summer.  The duration of internships vary in EMEA and APAC regions.

What our interns are saying

"I’m excited to be part of a dynamic internship program, where I work directly with team members and management. The goals and projects not only help develop my skill set in sales, but also provides the opportunity to understand the business and industry as a whole." - Sophia J., BDR Intern

Sophia Jadallah, BDR Intern.

"Okta really goes out of their way to find you an interesting and impactful project to work on. You wont get assigned random tickets and the work you do will definitely be challenging and meaningful. But don’t worry, there will be highly experienced and talented people who will support you along your journey to make an impact and leave your mark." - Hansa H., Software Engineer Intern

Hansa Halim, Software Engineer Intern.
Jaime Truzman, BDR Intern.

"Okta changed my life. Throughout my internship at Okta I discovered my passion for connecting people to the right technology at the right time. As an intern I was able to connect with a company that cares about identity in all aspects of business. Since day 1, I have felt included, rewarded, and grateful to be part of a company that holds values like no other." - Jaime T., BDR Intern

Xinyi Liu.

"I worked as a software engineering intern in test with the performance team during summer 2021...I got a chance to work on a real industry project and see what life as an engineer would be like. A virtual internship can be challenging, but the generous support from my mentors, colleagues and manager made my internship a fun and great learning experience. The university recruiting team held lots of fun events for the interns to let us enjoy our life here..." - Xinyi L., Software Engineer Intern

How do I get started?


Our Tech (Software Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, QA, Data Science, etc) internships are posted in early fall. MBA internships are posted in October. Sales, Marketing, and Operations roles are posted in early winter.


Search for open internships & apply directly to any internships that look interesting and that you feel qualified for. Our Recruiting team will then take a look at your application and will be in touch if there is a potential match.


From there, qualified applicants move on to phone or video interviews with the team. Candidates pursuing technical internships will also have a technical assessment.

Ready to start your career with Okta?