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Hybrid IT

Every workforce can be more powerful than ever with innovative cloud apps, but most organizations will also depend on on-prem applications and infrastructure to run their businesses.

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Secure customer experiences

Software is eating the world. In order to survive, every company needs to provide high-value services to their customers online. Most organizations, however, lack the time and expertise to do this well.

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Changing threat landscape

Every workforce can be more productive and every company can serve their customers better; but security has evolved too. Users are the biggest vulnerability, and protecting customers’ data is a top priority.

Millions of people across every geography and industry use Okta every day

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Secure access for employees and contractors

Tens of thousands of employees at companies like News Corp, Dish and Nordstrom use Okta to seamlessly and securely access the collection of tools that make them most productive.


Drive collaboration with partners

Companies like Flex, Cardinal Health use Okta to drive daily collaboration with their hundreds of thousands of partners.

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Power authentication for customers

JetBlue, Wyndham Hotels, Dignity Health and Experian use Okta behind the scenes to power authentication and user management for customer-facing web and mobile applications for their millions of customers. 

How Okta Integrates With Your Legacy Apps in 18 Different Ways