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Experian - ID Proofing

Enable user self-verification for improved identity confidence with Experian - ID Proofing


Okta and Experian provide complementary solutions in the end-user registration workflow, in that Okta provides user registration and authentication and Experian can provide Identity Proofing services that give an application a level of confidence about the user who is trying to register. The use-case for identity proofing usually falls into one of three main scenarios: Fraud prevention (I am a consumer trying to open a bank account or obtain an insurance policy, for example) Privileged access (I will have access to protected information online, so the application needs more confidence that I am who I say I am) Proof of membership in a particular demographic (this web site offers a 15% discount for teachers, so I need to provide my staff ID during the checkout workflow)

The Challenge

  • Identity spoofing is a common way for hackers to access a company’s sensitive data
  • Industry studies show that about 80% of data breaches are the result of stolen or weak credentials
  • Enterprises that handle sensitive information – such as healthcare, consumer finance, insurance organizations, and government agencies – need deeper levels of identity security

The Solution

  • Industry-leading provisioning capabilities from Okta
  • Knowledge-based authentication technology from Experian 
  • A risk-based approach that sets scores for certain behaviors and customers
  • A custom registration process app that communicates through API calls
  • Identity proofing before access is authorized, so enterprise networks, apps, and data stay safe
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Assure that customers are who they say they are

Risk thresholds and challenge questions to which only the true customer should know the answer—available through Experian’s rich trove of user data—add an additional layer of security to keep networks, applications, and data from unauthorized users.

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Safeguard sensitive information against hackers

Healthcare records, financial data, government records, and other sensitive data are prime targets for hackers, and need additional protections. Adding an extra layer of security and identity assurance can help ensure this critical information stays safe. 

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Leverage consumer knowledge for added security

Experian has years of experience collecting consumer data. Adding that data to Okta’s world-class identity and provisioning capabilities creates a knowledge-based authentication system that keeps customers and enterprises more secure than ever.

User self-registration with ID proofing service


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Keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands

Leverage Experian’s unparalleled experience in gathering—and safeguarding—consumer information, together with Okta’s industry-leading identity management and provisioning technology, to add an extra layer of identity assurance that keeps sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.


Here is a section all about documentation, integration, and implementation.

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Okta Verified
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