Okta Devices

Keep users productive while enabling secure, device-based access decisions


Okta Devices is a Platform Service of the Okta Identity Cloud that embeds Okta on every device to give organizations visibility into devices accessing Okta, enable contextual access decisions, and deliver a consistent, passwordless login experience for users.

Challenges with securing device-based access

Workforce challenges

Difficulty in enforcing device security as an influx of new device types access corporate resources

Employees need to be productive on any device, from anywhere. However, this needs to be done by balancing usability and security to keep end-users productive and IT/Security happy.

Data breaches as a result of weak passwords

Compromised credentials due to the use of weak passwords continue to be a pain point in securing access to both corporate apps and consumer-facing apps. Removing the requirement to enter passwords is the first step in helping to reduce account takeover and data breaches.

Lack of a consistent approach to enable passwordless auth

Each OS has its own nuances in how policies can be enforced on a device, which in turn affects the ability to deliver a “one fits all” solution to deliver passwordless auth.


Customer identity challenges

Current authentication methods diminish the user experience

Traditional user authentication mechanisms are not suited for access across devices and omni-channel authentication. Users either need to download additional mobile apps or leverage other channels to authenticate. This experience diminishes the user experience and introduces security loopholes.

Inconsistent brand experience

Consumer applications want to control the user experience at all stages of the user journey. Disjointed brand experience leads to a poor user experience.

Current authentication does not bind user and device identity

Visibility into a user’s device allows the organization to enhance the user experience with reduced user friction and better security.


Okta’s solution

Okta’s solution

Ingest device posture signals

For enterprise users, Okta integrates with endpoint security, detection, and response and endpoint management vendors to ensure users access corporate resources only on secure and compliant devices.

View user + device bindings

Okta provides organizations with a consolidated view of devices that users register to Okta  

Okta on every device

Companies can embed Okta on every device (via the Okta Verify app) to facilitate passwordless login experiences

One SDK for consumer devices

Okta allows customers to embed Okta devices SDK into their mobile application. The SDK allows application builders manage user devices and white-label MFA experience.