Okta Delivers New Services That Open and Extend its Enterprise Identity Network to Connect Every Application, Device and Person Across Enterprises

Leading Identity Management Provider Enhances Cloud Directory and Provisioning Capabilities, Opens Application Network, and Increases Support For Mobile and On-Prem Applications

San Francisco, CA - November 4, 2013 - Oktane 2013 — Okta has announced a broad set of new functionality to dramatically extend the breadth and depth of its Enterprise Identity Network. This latest release marks a significant step forward in Okta's vision to securely connect any combination of enterprise users, applications and devices, and enable more productive and secure ways of working.

New service functionality includes major updates to its directory and provisioning services that extend the Okta user profile and automate a deep user connection to any application, the ability for customers to easily build their own application integrations and add them to the Okta Application Network, and new features that bring Okta's single sign-on and enhanced provisioning capabilities to more mobile devices and on-premises applications. The update also includes a broad set of platform APIs that span the Okta service, extending capabilities already being used by organizations like Rotary, Informatica, and ServiceSource to build externally-facing and customized portals.

"We've built an extensive network of 3,000+ applications, hundreds of customers, as well as a vibrant ecosystem of partners, in just over four years. Each of these elements offers significant value in helping organizations adopt more mobile- and cloud-centric IT strategies," said Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta. "Today, we're opening and extending that value to every user and organization connected to Okta. As a result, we're empowering IT leaders to worry less about maintaining technology and focus more on designing and deploying productive experiences for their people."

Extending and Integrating the Okta User Profile

Major new enhancements to Okta's cloud-based directory and provisioning services include an extensible user profile, identity virtualization and rules-driven automation capabilities. With this new functionality, customers can now customize, store and manage a comprehensive set of user profile attributes within Okta and then automate provisioning, de-provisioning, and profile synchronization across cloud applications like Workday, Box, or Jive, and on-premises solutions like Microsoft Active Directory. This functionality enables Okta to serve as a single source of truth' for user information within any enterprise, making it easier for IT to access essential employee information and empowering customers to reduce IT costs, improve data security and increase productivity for their workforces. For more information, visit: http://okta.com/what-we-do/cloud-directory.html.

Opening the Okta Application Network: Community-Driven, Centrally Monitored Integrations

For the first time, Okta is making it possible for customers and partners to integrate applications into the Okta Application Network. The community-driven Okta Application Network enables customers to connect any application to Okta quickly and securely, and provides the ease of use, scale and customization that its enterprise customers and partners require.

A dedicated Okta team will verify each submitted application to ensure it is properly integrated, labeled and branded - and will continuously monitor all application integrations once approved. Okta centrally stores all log data in order to monitor and modify it from a single place, and push out any integration updates for all customers immediately. For more information, visit: http://www.okta.com/why-okta/okta-application-network.html.

Extending the Okta Application Network: On-Premises Provisioning, Okta Mobile for Android and Okta Mobile Connect

Okta's on-premises provisioning agent provides a framework that extends the ability to provision and deprovision users on any on-premise system. The agent leverages the same secure, reliable architecture underlying Okta's existing integrations to core directories such as Active Directory and LDAP and provides a more general-purpose way of interacting with other on-premises systems. For more information, visit: http://www.okta.com/problems-we-solve/replacing-legacy-identity-software.html.

Okta has also made several advancements in the mobile arena to secure employee identities across all applications and devices. A version of Okta Mobile that runs on Android - in addition to the iOS version already in the App Store - is now available. In addition, Okta Mobile Connect, an extension of the existing Okta Mobile application, now provides an SDK and set of APIs that allows developers to access Okta's single sign-on capabilities to provide a seamless user experience across native mobile applications. For more information, visit: http://www.okta.com/what-we-do/mobile-identity.html.

Opening Okta's Core Identity Service: Platform APIs that Span the Okta Service

Okta now offers a full set of RESTFUL APIs and customization options to allow enterprises to leverage Okta as a true identity management platform. These new capabilities span account creation, automated provisioning, access control and session management - each of which are critical in enabling customers to integrate Okta's identity service with other IT systems, to create a custom experience, or to access core identity services directly from their applications.

"Okta's approach to opening and extending its platform is a big step forward in enabling us to deliver compelling and meaningful experiences to our employees and customers," said Doug Harr, CIO of Splunk. "We have leveraged Okta's APIs to build a Splunk App for Okta, which analyzes and visualizes how users interact with applications in the Okta network. It is a great app that harnesses the power of both Okta and Splunk software to deliver a new level of insight for our customers."

Availability: These new features will be rolled out in the coming months to Okta customers.