Connecting to Distributor and Supplier Identities

Share information with suppliers and distributors while they manage their own identities

The challenge

Leveling the identity playing field

Global enterprises must collaborate with other organizations, not only to innovate and reach new markets, but to survive. Yet, as businesses reinvent their relationships and processes, they aren’t updating or managing technology at the same pace.

When it comes to accessing your information and tools, partners can have very different requirements. Some will want to federate into your apps through an identity provider. Others will have standing Active Directory credentials to integrate. Still others will want to apply multi-factor authentication policies to regulate access. You want to support the diversity—and do it efficiently.

Okta lets your partners manage access to resources on their own terms.

The solution

Okta Identity Cloud

AD and LDAP integration

User management is on your terms. Use your existing Active Directory or LDAP as your primary data store, or make Okta your source of truth. Okta securely delegates authentication to AD or LDAP, and automatically syncs user data between applications.


  • Make AD or LDAP your source of truth to manage authentication
  • Easily write users to AD or LDAP to grant secure access to your app or portal
  • Master user profiles in AD or LDAP and sync them to Okta
  • Connect any number of AD instances without changing the original stores

Inbound federation

Federating an organization into your app is usually tough. With Okta, it's easy. Think of us as your ambassadors. Okta's platform connects you to any number of federated identity providers—then negotiates implementations and manages trust.


  • Rapidly onboard partners and customers to your application, with no extra work for your team
  • Make it easy for partners to manage access to your applications locally, according to their own policies and processes
  • Secure your connections with standards-based federation
  • Do it all at scale


With Okta, you can automatically create user accounts for on-prem and cloud services, and then revoke access when an account is canceled. Implement Okta's connectors or write your own to build cross-application experiences that are more secure, more intuitive, and more delightful.


  • Push attributes from any user store into external services for automated provisioning
  • Read and write user profile information from any application, such as Salesforce, Box, or Sharepoint
  • Read and write attributes from multiple databases, or write to multiple AD and LDAP stores
  • Deploy Okta's on-prem connector to provision applications behind the firewall

Be good to your partners

  • Broaden your ecosystem, improve collaboration, and scale your enterprise
  • Enable partners to manage their own identities and policies with locally flexible options
  • Increase the security of collaboration