Okta for Healthcare Providers

Rethink how healthcare is delivered, starting with identity
Okta has allowed us to provide a customer identity management system that forms the foundation of a personalized and rich experience for consumers. In addition, Okta let us scale that experience to millions of consumers.

Ranbir Samra

Leads data, architecture, and platform engineering for the Digital division


  • Modernize IT
  • Adopt Zero Trust security
  • Unlock the digital front door
  • Automated provisioning into Epic Systems EHR
  • Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Modernize IT

With cloud Single Sign-On (SSO), all of your users can access Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, Workday, and any other browser-based app with just one username, one password, and one session. Connected by the Okta Integration Network (OIN), with over 7,000 integrations.

And, extend SSO cloud-to-ground, authenticating users to on-prem apps too with Okta's Access Gateway (OAG).

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Adopt Zero Trust security

The pandemic was an inflection point in both how and where we work. Not only are you juggling the rise of remote work and virtual care delivery, you need to minimize the attack surface from unrelenting hackers. 

Zero Trust security can protect your organization by requiring verification for all users and applying the principle of least privilege. With a modern identity stack and a centralized control plane connecting all of your on-prem and cloud apps, administering and applying access policy or adding MFA has never been easier. And with the largest integration network in the industry, Okta helps connect your Zero Trust partner of choice across your CASB, EDR, or on-prem gateway quickly.

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Unlock the digital front door

Patients feel friction when interacting with their healthcare provider digitally, often creating many usernames and passwords across their patient portal, scheduling, virtual care, and bill pay apps. Those unnecessary barriers keep patients from engaging in their health journey.

Imagine a single user profile, tied to one username and password, which conveniently supports SSO across all of your consumer apps.

Centralize your patient engagement strategy behind the Digital Front Door using modern authentication and authorization with Okta, plus provisioning patients into EHRs like Epic Systems and Cerner.

Enhance patient outcomes with digital experiences


Automated provisioning into Epic Systems EHR

You’re continually on-boarding and off-boarding providers, medical and nursing students, employees, and partners. With malicious insider activity increasing data breach risk, your users, their roles, and access rights should follow in lock-step the moment a user joins the organization, moves to a new role, or leaves.

Eliminate costly and delayed manual provisioning into your electronic health record (EHR) by sourcing user data from upstream partners like Active Directory (AD) or your HR system Workday, assigning users to groups in Okta and automatically provisioning users into downstream systems, including EHRs like Epic Systems.

Epic Systems EHR Provisioning Connector


Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS)

As of 2021, clinicians must use e‐prescribing when ordering controlled substances. A critical element of this flow is proving the clinician is who they say they are at the time of ordering—which you can do with multi-factor authentication. If your state doesn’t require support for EPCS yet, it will soon. 

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Implement identity with Okta’s products for healthcare providers.

Single Sign-on

Consolidate identity management across apps, APIs, and infrastructure. Simplify onboarding access for patients and staff, connecting users cloud-to-ground with a single login.

Multi-factor Authentication

Protect patient data and other sensitive information with more than a password. Integrate with an existing MFA provider, like Cisco Duo. Meet requirements for cyber insurance and EPCS.

Lifecycle Management

Ensure convenient, secure access for physicians, staff, partners, and patients through user lifecycle automation. Provide Day 1 access to mission-critical apps.

Access Gateway

Centralize access controls for your on-prem and cloud apps. Extend cloud SSO and adaptive MFA to your traditional on-prem applications to create efficient, uniform security policies across all your systems—and manage it all from a single pane of glass.

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