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21st Century Fox

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Speaker 1: 21st Century Fox is a media company. Our brands include everything from National Geographic to Fox News and Fox Sports, production studios of 20th century film and television. Fox is operated in 140 countries that we are delivering our content into and then behind the scenes to make that reality possible is not only our 30,000 to approximately deep full time employee staff, but the hundreds or thousands of partners that we work with on a day to day basis. Our users are brilliant producers. They're brilliant filmmakers, they're creatives, they're not security experts. Our main goal is how do we enable our users to thrive and to be able to work the way they want to work, which is increasingly collaborative and through digital platforms and to do so in a way that is fundamentally secure?

Speaker 1: When Okta first came, I think the problem that we were trying to solve there was really one of IT. So, how do we deliver, have a seamless experience to a diversity of applications for our entire user base? When I put my security lens on it, what we actually observed was that was also the foundation for us to look at the identity plane, which was going to be so critical to how we thought about moving to a zero trust model. So, really it just accelerated, I think our execution of moving on that evolution to a perimeter-less world. We know that by design our users are collaborating outside the perimeter. Instead we have to look within the application itself and how data's moving between applications.

Speaker 1: Identity is the key control plane. We need to be able to identify who a person is and confirm they are who they say they are before they gain access to any of the applications that to us are business critical. We can have a much more dynamic access model, which recognizes that our partner ecosystem is going to shift all the time and we need to be able to provision access and revoke access rapidly.

Speaker 1: So, multifactor for us is really increasingly table stakes. The reason that we went with Okta for MFA was really that we needed to enforce multifactor authentication every single time that users were seeking to gain access to a suite of applications and we found that was the control plane where we could have the most consistency. We are a business who invests a very significant amount of money and blood and sweat and tears into producing content that we think that our consumers around the world are going to love and no one wants that content to get out before it's intended to.

21st Century Fox's broad and complex network of employees, contractors and partners requires a dynamic access model for secure collaboration. The Okta Identity Cloud provides end to end protection by bringing authentication to the application layer, enhancing visibility and control.