Okta + Docusign Provide Secure Transactions



Mike Borozdin:  DocuSign is an electronic signature service that actually goes way beyond electronic signature.

Dan Reid:  That's not just signature management. That's signing documents, that's filling in forms, and that's all of that stuff in the comfort of your own bathrobe. You don't have to go and find that person. You don't have to be in the same room as that person any longer.

Mike Borozdin:  DocuSign and Okta partnered up because it made complete sense. We can focus on the business problem that we're really trying to solve, which is not how to pair up active directory with our application. It is how do we make sure that these business policies that used to be on paper now go through the Cloud.

Dan Reid:  Through our partnership with Okta, we're able to go to our enterprise customers. Even our smaller customer, people in education space, people in finance. It doesn't really matter, and they say, "Hey, we've invested in all that." Or "We've invested in active directory. You guys work with that, right?"

Before our answer was, "Hold on just a second. Let me get back to you. Let me go find someone technical to answer that question for you." Through our partnership with Okta, we can say, "Absolutely. Yes, no problem. Of course that thing that you invested in before will still work perfectly with this new beautiful technology that you want to use." That's what customers want to hear. They want to hear yes and, and that's what our partnership with Okta allows us to do.

Mike Borozdin:  Security is a major, major selling point of DocuSign. When that security is integrated with a system like Okta that does security and access company wide, that type of integrated solution is a real difference maker for IT buyers.

Dan Reid:  Our customer service success managers use Okta to help customers deploy much more quickly, without a bunch of pain in the butt in the back end. You don't have to bother with oh, well how are we going to work with LDAP and how is all this stuff going to work, and oh this thing's been around for awhile, isn't that a concern?

It's very, very, very smooth, but the big thing is you get your money faster. You get your value faster, and you get it smoothly, and you get it securely. No enterprise customer is willing to give up security for speed. They say they might, but they won't. This allows you to have the best of all worlds. You get it fast, you get it easy, and you get it secure. That's why my customer service success managers ... that's why they care.

Docusign allows people to sign documents from anywhere – your bathroom, the airport, the office. As an electronic service, they had to find a way to make these traditional, on-paper processes securely work through the cloud. By partnering with Okta, who does identity management, access management, and security, Docusign is able to continue their legacy of security which makes a real difference for IT buyers. For companies who use Docusign, they don’t need to worry about LDAP or Active Directory integration, because Okta does that for them.