At Rosetta Stone, password resets are no longer the top help desk request



George Hegedus: Rosetta Stone is the number one language learning software in the U.S. We are currently branching out to other e-learning products like Lexia Learning.

The current vision is to get as much to the cloud as possible. We had a lot of legacy systems. We haven't reinvested in technology for a while. Really over the last year, year-and-a-half, it's move as much to the cloud as possible. Reduce our hardware footprint in our data centers. Let someone else manage the system. Let us benefit from something that's already been built, versus building it ourselves.

Really, at this point we are looking while we're still a hybrid environment, anything that's new really is cloud-focused. From my perspective and my daily role, password resets were the number one ticket driver to our help desk. Almost forty percent. Worse than the fact that that's what our help desk is doing all day is the loss of productivity by the employees. What the business impact?

The biggest benefits we've seen from a user perspective is they have one place to go for all their apps to sign in. They use it on mobile and also as we've launched all these new tools this year, they directly go into Octave single sign-on. There's no more launching a tool and bringing it in eventually. It's there from the start.

One of the other benefits from a user perspective is adoption of the tools. Google I use every day. Workday and Concur I only use sparingly, but I see it every day in my menu. I will go in, I will play around with it. I will learn about it, versus it's saved in a bookmark somewhere that I don't even remember it. User adoption of our new tools has been a benefit that we didn't even see coming. It's been great.

Productivity-wise, there's also people sign on longer. They're in their tools longer. Whether they're at home or on their mobile device. It's very easy to sign into all your applications on a mobile device. It's very easy to sign on from your home computer. I find myself logged in before I even make my firstcup of coffee in the morning.

From an IT perspective, we dropped password resets to the help desk. Ranked number one. The second month it was number two. By the third month it was number five and six and that's where it stayed. The only reason that it's up that high is there's still tool we want to bring in that we haven't.

From an end-user perspective, they're beating down my door to get more of their apps in. That's a good problem to have. When employees are asking me,  "Please get Omniture in there. Please get Ariba in there. Please get Gira in there, Github." All right, we're on it. We can provide that service.

The trust that's built between IT and the business units has been helped, as well. They can see we're responding very rapidly to their requests.

Rosetta Stone’s IT team has been working hard to reduce as much hardware and manpower in their data centers as they can, and bringing as many legacy systems and applications into the cloud as possible. This can be a challenge for them when meaningful work is overshadowed by everyday password reset requests and other login problems. Okta’s Single Sign-On and Application Network solutions help solve that problem two-fold, both overseeing the future of Rosetta Stone’s data in the cloud while suppressing daily IT annoyances.