Why CIOs choose Okta



Barry Libenson:  It's an exciting time to be in IT.

John Swieringa:  I think we're at a nexus point today for how people are integrating technology into their lives.

Claude Pierre:  We know that the world is constantly changing and we need to adapt the group.

Barry Libenson:  Experian used to be more of a pure information company. I would say we've become much more of a technology company. Whether it's building out mobile platforms, whether it's building things in the cloud, technology really is a critical partner now to the business.

John Swieringa:  Technology is not something that is an outcome unto of itself. What it's really there for is to help create productivity and create outcomes in our business and we've seen that.

Roger Pilc:  What makes Pitney Bowes shine is our ability to combine physical and digital technologies to help our customers overcome that complexity in conducting commerce and achieve better business outcomes.

Claude Pierre:  Our ambition is to set up the global solution to be accessed from anywhere from any device in a simple, secure, and user friendly experience.

Dominic Shine:  What we wanted to do was to provide each business user, each team, each business unit with the best collaboration tools, but also make sure that all of the business units were on a common platform.

John Herbert:  For us, we were really looking for a leader in the space. We were looking for someone that really, we could partner with and they could handle that scale and that flexibility.

Barry Libenson:  Whether it's API enablement or authentication, having good tools and allowing them to do the kinds of things the way they want to do them rapidly accelerates their ability to innovate.

Gus Shahin:  Identity is also gonna be key, so Okta is the solution for that.

Barry Libenson:  To bring new projects and solutions to market, it's important that we have an independent provider for identity services that treats our other partners equally.

Roger Pilc:  It was very important to us in building the Commerce Cloud to be future proof.

John Swieringa:  It's changing how we support not only our employees, but also our distribution partners as well as our customers.

Claude Pierre:  Okta was the platform fitting our key criteria, being able to be global, being able to go fast, being able to deal with future challenges for Engie.

Barry Libenson:  Okta will be and is the go forward strategy for all authentication.

Gus Shahin:  Okta plays a role for me in all three of my initiatives with cyber security, its business productivity, and its best of breed, so it's a perfect match.

Dominic Shine:  Our teams can do more with less. We can make the teams more efficient and we can increase the velocity of the transformation we're driving.

Okta is global. Okta works for the future. Okta is critical for security. As a true leader in the authentication, identity, and security space, Okta is always on. Learn why CIOs choose Okta.