Okta's 2nd Annual "12 Days of Customers"

As the temperature drops and the decorations go up, we’re counting down the days ‘til we’re sipping eggnog fireside with family and friends. But before leaving the office to celebrate the holidays, we’re trading in twelve drummers drumming and celebrating you with our annual “12 Days of Customers”.

  1. Experian: What was originally a credit bureau, Experian relies on Okta APIs to guide its digital transformation and has expanded its business to include services that help customers prevent fraud and make data-driven decisions.

  2. News Corp: As the media company expands digitally and globally, Okta connects disparate business units and provides a seamless, secure experience for News Corp’s 25,000 employees.

  3. Twilio: This newly public SaaS company enables developers and businesses to rapidly build and deploy communication solutions. With Okta’s integrated identity and mobility management solution they’ve improved security and reduced the time new hires are set up with mobile email by 50%.

  4. Flex: The sketch-to-scale solutions provider builds intelligent products for a connected world. Okta provides a unified identity platform that secures the supply chain so that Flex can focus on driving IoT to create a better, smarter world.

  5. Broadcom Limited: As Broadcom grows into a company with technologies in almost every popular consumer device, Okta eases the M&A process. Now, time spent integrating newly acquired directories is cut in half and employees are productive starting on day-one.

  6. Mount Sinai: With a commitment to revolutionizing healthcare, Mount Sinai built a foundation for collaboration across multiple organizations.By leveraging modern, cloud technologies, Mount Sinai creates a connected healthcare system that improves patient outcomes and reduces the cost of care.

  7. OxFam: This global charity enabled Okta so that employees around the world can easily connect and better respond to emergencies, like the Nepal earthquake. Their unified, collaborative IT stack includes Workplace by Facebook, Box and Office 365.

  8. TAL: One of Australia’s largest life insurance specialists, knows its customers don’t want to remember another set of login credentials. To improve the customer sign-on experience TAL removed passwords, without compromising on security.

  9. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid: CMS looks to improve the security, scalability and user experience of its Quality Payments Program. Okta’s HIPPA Compliant Service plays a significant role in the federal agency’s technical transformation to better serve its constituents.

  10. Eurostar: The European high-speed rail operator picked up the pace on employee productivity with a streamlined, mobile SSO experience.

  11. Time Warner: The global leader in media and entertainment embraced the cloud, successfully migrating 100+ applications from Dell to Okta and consolidated user stores across multiple domains and business units. The team also improved the user experience to drive adoption.

  12. Vivint Solar: The rapidly growing company is changing the world through solar energy. After spinning off from it’s sister company, Vivint Solar has achieved 900% ROI with its cloud-first mindset, moving away from on-prem services to AWS, Google and Okta.

To hear more customer stories, check out okta.com/customers. Happy holidays!