Introducing Our Improved Trust Dashboard + New Oktane Trainings

As chief customer officer, I have the privilege of interacting with many of the nearly 4,000 customers that use Okta’s services to access the services and data they need to get work done. I’m proud to be part of a company that champions customer success as its number one corporate value, and today I’m excited to share two initiatives that embody that commitment.

Introducing our new + improved Trust Dashboard We’ve updated our Trust Dashboard to improve our communications around incidents, addressing your security concerns. That dashboard is now live on our website, and categorizes the nature of the incident into two distinct categories (“service degradation” or “service disruption”), offering a timeline for better event navigation, with up to two years of incident details. A full breakdown, including timestamps, affected audiences, and the status of the repair, are also included to give you more clarity and transparency on each incident that takes place on the Okta network.

During the 2016 DDoS attack, you let us know that our Trust Page didn’t communicate details about the incident early enough, or clearly enough. And that was unacceptable. Trust and reliability are key priorities for us. We’re confident the new and improved Trust Dashboard will showcase those priorities.

What’s more, to proactively inform you of security incidents as they happen, we’re also working on a notification system that sends email subscribers the details that are included on the Trust Page. We’ll be rolling out that feature soon, but in the meantime, you can subscribe to the RSS feed here.

New training courses at Oktane18Oktane is one of my favorite times of the year. I get to spend time meeting with you, our customers, learning what your goals are and how our team can help get you there. One of the best ways to do that is through our training courses and Oktane is the best place to participate in training. You’ll be completely immersed in Okta’s products and integrations and supported by Okta experts that are there to help.

This year we’re bringing back pre-conference training sessions, and we’ve added three new courses! Along with the Okta Essentials and MFA courses taught at Oktane last year, we’re introducing:

  • Single Sign On and API Access Management with OpenID Connect and OAuth

  • Integrate Okta with your On-Premise Applications

  • Advanced Mastering Techniques with Okta

You can learn more about these courses here, and save your spot here. Pre-conference training kicks off on May 21st in Las Vegas — I hope to see you there.