Okta’s Annual 12 Days of Customers

As we prep our holiday shopping lists and pull out the festive sweaters, it’s almost time to look back on 2018. We want to use this season of reflection and cheer to showcase some of our many amazing customers. Our customers are the best gifts of all, so we’re celebrating with our annual 12 Days of Customers!

  1. JetBlue: The airline with a mission to Inspire Humanity enhances the travel experience by providing customers with secure, personalized interactions across every touch point.
  2. ConEdison: New York’s electric and gas utility company explores new ways to deliver customer information through digital channels, including its mobile application. With millions of customers and multiple third parties, ConEd secures its APIs and ensures the right level of access to protect customer data.
  3. 21st Century Fox: This global media company adopts a Zero Trust framework for secure collaboration across its complex network of partners and employees. By bringing authentication to the application layer and allowing users to choose from a wide range of authentication factors, it increases security while reducing friction.
  4. Gavi: This non-profit brings immunizations to the farthest corners of the world, in order to save lives. With Okta managing authentication and authorization, Gavi can focus on building stronger human connections.
  5. Motorists Insurance: This collective of 16 distinct insurance companies simplifies the user experience for its 20,000 independent insurance agents, while also increasing control and governance through a best-of-breed IT strategy.
  6. Direct Relief: As the 7th largest charity in the US, Direct Relief relies on Okta to streamline identity management across 80 countries. In the midst of a natural disaster, they were also able to instantly rollout MFA to protect against a data breach.
  7. LendingClub: For America’s largest online credit marketplace, security is the number one priority. This company reduces security risks by automating account management for cloud and on-prem applications, and providing flexible authentication for its 1,800 employees.
  8. Vektis: This company that helps Dutch citizens, insurers, and providers navigate healthcare in the Netherlands, prioritizes health information protection. Providing secure, seamless access is core to its business, so Vektis connects all its proprietary apps through a single, unified identity layer.
  9. Allergan: This global pharmaceutical company knows the secret to scaling a rapidly growing ecosystem of employees, partners, doctors, and patients: A seamless user experience, backed by enterprise grade security functionality.
  10. TCF Bank: Understanding that every company is now a technology company, TCF Bank technology teams partner closely with product owners. They prioritize understanding their client's business challenges and strategies to deliver secure, frictionless customer experiences.
  11. Cardinal Health: Moving to the cloud is no easy feat. Cardinal Health was able to revitalize their IAM service offerings and rapidly migrate 60k users and 111 applications to the cloud—in less than five months.
  12. Caydon Properties: This international property developer understands that, while buildings are brick and mortar, their customers require a human touch. They strive to personalize every step of the buying/leasing process, and create unique digital experiences for all. Identity is at the core of that experience. Okta allows Caydon to focus on what matters most, its customers.

We are extremely grateful for all of our customers and the opportunity to share their stories.

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