Unified Identity Is The New Perimeter

Executive summary

The lines between users inside and outside your organization are blurring. Modern organizations are finding it advantageous to consolidate and simplify Identity structures to provide all users the information they need, where and when they need it. SecureITsource and Okta have partnered to take a closer look at real customers and solutions to provide perspective on how unified Identity delivers more. 

Enabling business

Your customers are the heartbeat of your business, and to keep them, information must be readily accessible, or you risk losing them to a competitor. Establishing an efficient and secure platform for time-sensitive transactions provides your customers with the business value they demand.

Real customers, real solutions: A large global financial firm had an outdated transaction platform that was difficult to maintain. The changing needs of customers were impossible to keep up with, and the technical debt of their many layers of technology was beginning to show. SecureITsource and Okta proposed a streamlined Identity architecture that was able to reduce access-related delays. The new architecture, combined with Okta’s leading access products, provided the most robust and complete solution. New tools include Universal Directory and SSO, which enable customers to bring their own Identity.

Allow developers to develop faster

The speed and scale of developing better ways to serve your customers is the lifeline of your business. Building a modern and adaptive platform for your developers is crucial to meet the demands of the digital future. 

Real customers, real solutions: Our client relies on a web of applications to service a large constituency of global customers. Unfortunately, identities were segmented across many organizations, making it impossible for developers to share and integrate data to create a consistent approach and customer experience. SecureITsource and Okta established an architecture with a unified Identity structure, allowing developers the ability to share and integrate data across the organization. As a result, our client was able to develop a superior and consistent user experience for their global client base. The solution included Universal Directory, Okta Access Gateway, Okta's support of open standards, and Okta toolkits.

Security first

Risks lurk everywhere, and as Identity becomes the new perimeter, security must be a primary consideration. Moreover, as the lines between internal and external identities become blurred, the need to centralize access and governance becomes paramount to maintain control.

Real customers, real solutions: Multiple Identity stores made it impossible for our client to have an accurate picture of their attack surface. Identity repositories were maintained across the organization with limited standards for the management of those identities. SecureITsource and Okta leveraged existing technical investments to build a standard and universal access and governance framework. By centralizing Identity and enabling adaptive multi-factor authentication, our client could establish more control over their diverse user base and reduce the size of their attack surface. As a result, user experience and security improved while also establishing a modern enterprise architecture that is scalable for the future. New solutions included Universal Directory, Okta SSO, Okta MFA, and Okta Adaptive Authentication.

For IT

Technology drives your business and keeps you ahead of your competition in the marketplace. If your technology does not scale, or worse yet, fails, you can't deliver the right services to the right customer, at the right time. 

Real customers, real solutions: Our customer's segmented Identity structure caused IT departments to be reactive to access related incidents due to the overhead associated with requests or changes. Any modifications to user access required a tsunami of validations and approvals, which drained precious time from the IT department's core value to the business. SecureITsource and Okta recommended a new approach, utilizing Universal Directory, SSO, password management, MFA, and Okta Provisioning using the Okta Portal. The OIN (Okta Integration Network) made Integrations turnkey with native connections to the majority of applications. By unifying Identity to simplify access management, IT became more efficient and was able to provide better end-user self-service capabilities. 

Let's get started! 

“People are the first line of defense for any company. Empowering them to do their jobs securely and conveniently allows us to grow as a company.”

– Vice President, Identity and Access Management – Global Financial Services

The secret sauce to enabling these capabilities is access management. The ability to quickly pivot is driven by access to information by everyone in your operational and economic chain. An efficient access program enables suppliers to make immediate changes to meet demand, allows your workforce to coordinate production needs, and provides metrics with important insights about your best customers, and how you reach them. Organizations that are flexible enough to meet the many sides of supply and demand will quickly align to what’s next. Monolithic and overly customized architectures will not scale to meet that need. Simple architectures that can flex with the business’ ebbs and flows will achieve the elasticity that modern, digital organizations need. 

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