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Aaron Yee

Aaron Yee

Group Product Marketing Manager

Aaron Yee joined Okta in 2012 as the company's first Professional Services consultant. In that role, he implemented Okta for many early customers and saw how they stretched Okta’s capabilities. He subsequently joined the Product Marketing Team to continue shaping the product for modern user lifecycle management requirements. Prior to Okta, Aaron was a consultant for civilian and DoD agencies in DC, where he designed & implemented solutions to manage user lifecycles. Aaron has a BA in Computer Science from Brown University and an MBA from the University of Virginia. He lives in San Francisco and enjoys sailing, snowboarding, tinkering with cars, and rooting for the hopeless 49ers.

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Six Obstacles That Block the Way to Effective Lifecycle Management

You want to set up a successful, global enterprise; so where do you start? First you establish your business, then you incorporate all the tech and processes you need to scale it. And once that’s all done, you get to a point where you work seamlessly with hundreds of contractors...

How Do I Validate Proper Compliance?

Love it or hate it, paying taxes is a staple of life for people all over the world. Disclosing and proving payment of those taxes to the government is an equally accepted practice—you can’t simply assume they know you are doing so. Similarly, when it comes to compliance, it’s...

How Do I Connect to Partner Identity Sources?

It’s better to be a specialist than a generalist: when you try to be good at too many things, you end up being great at nothing—and that’s why organizations today use a wide ecosystem of partner companies.

Businesses across all industries are engaging with hundreds⁠, if not thousands, of...

Here’s How You Solve the Lifecycle Management Problem

Every time you hire a new employee, a number of things must happen across HR and IT teams to get them access to the systems and tools they need to do their job. At the core of these onboarding processes is your company’s identity management (IDM) system, which monitors your...

Five Strategies to Simplify User Onboarding

Scaling organizations have a problem. While an influx of new employees is always reason to celebrate, it also comes with added management overhead as all the new users are onboarded onto the company’s applications and systems. As every ambitious company knows, IT’s time is best spent contributing to projects that...

HR + IT = Seamless Employee Onboarding

Few people will argue that the hardest part of starting a new job is, well, starting a new job. The excitement of a new professional challenge often gets overshadowed by the struggle of getting the tools and resources needed to do the job.

According to Namely analytics, growing companies...