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Peter Zavlaris

Product Marketing Manager

Peter has 10+ years of go-to-market experience in IT infrastructure as a service, cyber security, fraud & abuse, and identity & access management. Prior to Okta, he worked for the fraud and abuse company Smyte, acquired by Twitter in 2018. He is a bylined author with contributed articles for Dark Reading, HelpNet Security, Network World, and Wired.

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How Software Licensing Costs Are Eating Your Budget

Have you ever stumbled on a great airline deal only to find out there's an additional cost for checked luggage? Or signed up for a credit card offer with amazing perks, only to get stung by a higher-than-normal annual fee? You're not alone. It’s these experiences that remind us...

5 Approaches to API Security

The goal when implementing API security is to safely ensure the right people and systems have access to the right things to accomplish their task in the shortest time necessary. In this blog we’ll take a quick look at the pros and cons of the 5 approaches to API security...

How Modern Identity Drives IoT Adoption

The IoT (Internet of Things) is made up of three elements:

Things that are embedded with sensors The networks that connect them The systems that process data to or from the things

Today’s IoT verticals include: healthcare, life sciences, smart home, consumer, infrastructure, transport, urban mobility, and industrial...