Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service – Part 4: Endless 9s Reliability

I recently released the first, second and third installments of a six-part blog series about what it takes to have an enterprise-ready cloud service, and the three characteristics that differentiate an enterprise-grade cloud service from a typical consumer service: security, reliability and trust. As a quick refresher, there are five categories to look at when evaluating a cloud service for security, reliability and trustworthiness:

  • Development for the enterprise
  • Endless 9s reliability
  • Benchmarked and audited service
  • Strong encryption throughout
  • Singular focus on the customer

I’ll focus on “endless 9s” reliability in this post. Availability of a cloud service is important. People I know get quite agitated when Facebook or Twitter is unavailable, but imagine the repercussions when a big enterprise such as Genomic Health can’t access a critical application, such as CRM. The phrase “four 9s availability” has been the benchmark for providers delivering critical online or hosted cloud services. Whether its five 9s or three 9s, the punch line is really how providers actually deliver those 9s.