multi-tenant environment

In a traditional single-tenant environment, each software instance serves a single client. With multi-tenant environments, a single software instance runs on a single server but serves multiple clients, or tenants. This is ideal when you have multiple clients with the same permissions.

User Management: Designing for Security

At Okta, we see our customers deploy and build a broad range of customer-facing apps. Commonly, these apps support differing audiences, often reflected as segments within a single company, identities across customer companies, or users that span into partner organizations. Which begs the question: how to centrally manage these diverse users while…

Build It, and They Will Come. Build it Right, and They Will Stay

Wrong: Right: So, you’ve found the cloud application of your dreams. It does everything you ever thought you could want and ten things you didn’t know you wanted but now can’t imagine living without. It took less than 13 seconds to fully configure, and after rolling it out you found that…