Privileged Access Management

How do you protect your privileged accounts from breaches? Okta works with privileged access management partners to ensure secure authentication and provisioning, allowing your business and its users can breathe easier. Don’t think security and ease of access are impossible in tandem—these articles show how the best solutions provide both.

What Is Privileged Access Management?

Privileged access management (PAM) is a way of authorizing, managing, and monitoring account access with a high degree of administrative permissions. This is done to protect an organization’s most critical systems and resources. These “super user” accounts are isolated within an encrypted repository or vault. The access of these systems is…

How Companies Need to Set Up Privileged Access Management

Let’s face it—your network is under attack. You might not know who, you might not know when, but you do know that they are coming. The Petya ransomware, WannaCry, and Democratic National Committee email hacks all point to the fact that network security breaches are here to stay. A large breach of sensitive information (like the ones at Target and…