two-factor authentication

Are your users’ secondary devices a source of concern? With two-factor authentication, they can become a point of convenience. Read on to learn about Okta’s take on two-factor authentication and the way you can secure accounts—and your infrastructure—with minimal effort on your team’s part.

Replace RSA SecurID with Modern MFA

Defense in depth, the coordinated use of multiple security layers to protect system and data integrity, is a multi-layered strategic approach which is deployed to minimize the risk of compromise. The basic premise is that if one security countermeasure is defeated, there is another to ensure your systems remain secure. MFA – Defense in Depth for…

What is Multi-factor, or Two-factor Authentication?

Passwords aren’t good enough. Securing your enterprise can seem like a daunting task. In the past, companies were comfortable with the standard username- and password-based authentication to all apps and services, with no additional methods of authentication or authorization. Access to corporate resources was protected by firewalls and VPNs. Here…