I am Okta.

Get to know us.

Here at Okta, we know identity is multifaceted. These videos tell the personal and professional stories of some of our most inspiring employees: our problem solvers, our artists, our builders.

Hear from members of our talented team who apply their personal skills and passions to their work at Okta.

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The problem solver

Rock climbing is essentially complex problem-solving. At least, that’s how Akin Edwards, Senior Sales Engineer at Okta, sees it.

The performer

In this video, Lead Recruiter Sarah Schiff explains how she uses her background in the performing arts to her professional advantage. 

The safe choice

Chris Niggel, Head of Security and Compliance at Okta spends his winter weekends in Tahoe’s backcountry as a first responder. Find out how his ability to assess risk and respond to disasters guides his work ethos.

The developer

Developer Support Engineer Sara Daqiq discusses what sparked her passion for technology at such an early age.

The dancer

It’s all in the details. Jade Feng, Product Manager at Okta shares how she aligns her passion for ballet with her love for creating products people love.

The maestro

Matt Travers shares how his talent for both collaboration and commanding a room makes him a better Product Manager.

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