Access Across Multiple Domains

Avoid the pain of domain consolidation

The challenge

Complex directory architecture getting you down?

There's a universe of potential challenges associated with managing multiple domains. An acquisition brings in new systems and user stores that you have to connect to corporate resources. A conglomerate with independent business units needs to deliver common applications across the enterprise, but with division-specific policies. Franchisors need to extend a set of applications to thousands of franchises. Whatever situation you’re facing, Okta can give all of your users secure access to the technology they need.

The solution

Okta Identity Cloud

Universal Directory

User identities live in a lot of different places. With Okta's Universal Directory, you can create a centralized view of all your users, wherever they're sourced. It'll make access management more straightforward and secure and give users a consistent experience across your products.


  • Build a single repository for user identity information
  • Store profiles, manage passwords, and apply access policies
  • Create a consistent UX across every part of your app

Single Sign-On

If your product connects several apps together but requires people to authenticate every time they jump into a new section, you're losing major UX points. With Okta, users can click once to sign in to everything.


  • Link any set of applications with one username, one password, and one session
  • Deploy prebuilt integrations into apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Netsuite, and Box
  • Rely on Okta for testing and maintenance of your connectors, and get the certainty that they're always up to date


With Okta, you can automatically create user accounts for on-prem and cloud services, and then revoke access when an account is canceled. Implement Okta's connectors or write your own to build cross-application experiences that are more secure, more intuitive, and more delightful.


  • Push attributes from any user store into external services for automated provisioning
  • Read and write user profile information from any application, such as Salesforce, Box, or Sharepoint
  • Read and write attributes from multiple databases, or write to multiple AD and LDAP stores
  • Deploy Okta's on-prem connector to provision applications behind the firewall
Okta is the perfect solution for us. It wraps our IT infrastructure, security, and user management needs into one unified platform in the cloud.

Evan Trent

VP of Digital Strategy and Technology, School of Rock

Deliver cloud-based IT to franchises

  • Offer common applications across your franchise network
  • If you have a single AD forest behind your firewall, let users authenticate in regardless of where they are
  • Connect to multiple franchiser AD domains from a single Okta tenant

Connect the conglomerate

  • Provide common applications across every part of the business
  • Give divisions and teams autonomous control over their directories and users
  • Let employees use a single set of credentials to access central and division-specific resources
  • Establish a solid foundation for a cloud strategy that eliminates on-prem directories completely
  • Maximize the power of the cloud by delivering instant IT services to any business unit

Take a new position on mergers and acquisitions

  • Quickly deploy email and other apps for new employees after a deal goes through
  • Use the same attributes to configure accounts on imported mobile devices
  • Let new employees keep their existing applications, while you transition them to new resources at your own pace
  • Seamlessly integrate an acquired company’s directory into your own
  • Stand up policies to regulate access for diverse security groups