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Advanced Security: Protect the Modern Perimeter with Okta

Course Overview

Learn how to use Okta to create a Zero Trust environment in a landscape where people are the new perimeter. This hands-on course is full of tips for expanding your security footprint with Okta.

You successfully use Okta today to securely manage identity and application and system access. Yet the distributed nature of today’s workforce combined with the sheer volume of in-cloud and on-premise IT resources requires a modern, identity-centric approach to securing your organization's assets and protecting the perimeter.

Using Okta’s Policy Framework, you will gain experience configuring zone-based multi-factor enrollment (MFA) policies to govern user and application access. This class explores Okta ThreatInsight’s ability to identify people and device access patterns associated with threat actors or malicious traffic. This data is leveraged by Okta’s contextual response framework providing you with the opportunity to implement passwordless authentication policies. Automations and managing log data will strengthen your security posture. 

Finally, you learn about meeting compliance standards with Okta.

By attending this course, you will gain the skills to:

  • Enhance your company’s security posture using a rich set of Okta tools.
  • Identify Okta Adaptive MFA capabilities and integration scenarios.
  • Decide what are the best factors and security policies for distinct business scenarios.
  • Configure policies for MFA enrollment and MFA enforcement.
  • Implement MFA using Network Zones and contextual data.
  • Identify use cases and scenarios where different authentication flows may be required.
  • Set up Behavior Detection to identity threats based on SSO velocity, device context, or IP location.
  • Configure passwordless authentication.
  • Enforce Access from Trusted Devices.
  • Simplify user lifecycle activity using Okta Workflows and Automations.
  • Detect possible security risks quickly and consistently via queries in the System Log.
  • Configure Okta Administrators based on common roles.
  • Monitor your different Okta components.

To be successful in this course, you should have:

  • Completed Okta Essentials or minimally have one year of Okta administration experience.

Setup Requirements: 

  • Students use their own computers. 
  • Okta provides access to an Okta tenant + virtual machine to complete the labs.

Looking for a course outline? Click HERE to view the Course Datasheet.

Upcoming Sessions

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Virtual Class / AMER-East
03/11/2024 - 03/12/2024


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)
Virtual Class / AMER-Central
04/01/2024 - 04/02/2024


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
Virtual Class / AMER-West
05/06/2024 - 05/07/2024


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)
  • Relevant Role

    Administrator + Implementation Consultant
  • Learning Method

    Instructor-led Training
  • Duration

    2 Days
  • Relevant Products

    Single Sign-On + Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication
  • Cost

    $1850 USD / seat