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OIE Delta Training for Okta Edu Courses

Course Overview

Did you take an Education class on Okta Classic and want to know what will be different in your Okta Identity Engine (OIE) tenant? Take this collection of on-demand courses to learn the key changes.

Okta Identity Cloud is making a significant upgrade to the authentication engine. This upgrade, known as Okta Identity Engine (OIE), provides a set of customizable building blocks for any access experience. This training highlights the capabilities unlocked by OIE and changes to the functionality of features for customers still on Okta Classic. 

By the end of this self-paced curriculum, you will learn the following new use cases provided by OIE.

  • Per-App Policies (as part of Essentials delta)
  • Self-Service Account Recovery (as part of Essentials delta)
  • FastPass (as part of Advanced Security delta)
  • Device Context 2.0 (as part of Advanced Security delta)
  • Passwordless authentication using email magic-link (as part of Customer Identity delta) 
  • Progressive Profiling (as part of Customer Identity delta) 
  • Enhanced security for B2B and B2C scenarios (as part of Customer Identity delta)

The end of this series also includes a brief demonstration of the self-service upgrade process from Okta Classic to OIE.

This training includes recorded product demos, downloadable step-by-step lab instructions, and lab setup recipes to practice in your company's OIE sandbox.

Stay tuned for additional modules being added to this curriculum soon.

  • Relevant Role

    Administrator + Helpdesk Analyst + Developer + Implementation Consultant
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  • Duration

  • Relevant Products

    Single Sign-On + Universal Directory + Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication + API Products + API Access Management
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    $0 USD / seat