Okta Training

Private Help Desk Training

Course Overview

Okta Help Desk Training prepares your help desk teams to hit the ground running in supporting your Okta Org. Students will learn what Okta is and how it will benefit them in supporting their end users. This private learning experience is designed to quickly ramp your help desk team on the key Okta end-user support processes that they will be responsible for at go-live.

Students will explore the most common issues that help desk teams encounter and how to resolve them quickly. Students will have the chance, in a hands-on training environment, to learn about creating users, groups, administrator roles, password polices and multifactor authentications (MFA) policies. This background allows them to understand how to do their job more effectively and efficiently leading to faster case resolution and more successful end users.
This package includes a live half-day session for a maximum of 15 students + the session recording for your own use.
Learning Topics Include:
  • What is Okta and what benefit does it bring to our company?
  • What do my end users see and how is that different from my administrator experience?
  • What permissions do I have as a Help Desk administrator and what can I do in the system?
  • How do I create people in Okta and assign Administrator privileges?
  • What are Okta groups, directory groups, and application groups? How do I manage them?
  • How do I configure Group rules?
  • How do I configure password policies and handle password reset requests?
  • How do I setup multi-factor authentication?
  • What is the End User Toolkit and how do the quick reference guides work?
  • How do I troubleshoot common end user issues and what are the best practices around them?
  • How do I work with Okta support?
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  • Relevant Role

    Administrator + Helpdesk Analyst
  • Learning Method

    Instructor-led Training
  • Duration

    4 hours
  • Relevant Products

    Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication + API Products + Lifecycle Management + Mobility Management + Single Sign-On + Universal Directory
  • Cost

    $6000 USD / Event
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