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Secure Auth0 Applications with Multi-Factor Authentication

Course Overview

Uncover what qualifies as true Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Auth0 and how the qualities of different authenticators contribute to how strong they are. Extend your understanding of MFA by diving into options like adaptive MFA and step-up authentication.

  • Examine what qualifies as true MFA.
  • Define the building blocks of MFA – authenticators and factor types.
  • Explain the three factor types–Knowledge, Possession, and Inherence.
  • Identify authenticators that exemplify each of the three factor types.
  • Define assurance and authenticator assurance levels (AALs).
  • Identify how to enable MFA in the management dashboard.
  • Recognize how to enable and configure authenticators in the management dashboard.
  • Define and differentiate between adaptive MFA and step-up authentication.
  • Discover how to implement step-up authentication for web apps and APIs.

After taking this series of 5-minute, self-paced courses, practice configuring MFA through hands-on lab activities provided at the end of the series.

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    Okta Certified Developer Certification
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