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Building Trust and Security Through Transparency of Service

Transparency is a great way for cloud providers to demonstrate and prove good security practices to their customers. Often times, however, the transparency stops when outages or service hiccups occur. During an incident, how a cloud provider communicates to its customers says a lot. In a guest post for...

EnerNOC: Transforming the Energy Industry with Okta

Energy management is a hot topic (sometimes literally.) One of our customers, EnerNOC , is playing an industry-changing role in the energy management space by offering technology-enabled solutions to commercial, institutional and industrial organizations. In addition to providing demand response solutions, the company also offers energy consulting to...

Okta’s Customers Keep Getting Hotter

In the past twelve months, we added a few customers you might recognize, from your laundry detergent and cleaning supply brand to your favorite fast food fried chicken and your window to the world. That’s right: Clorox, Popeye's Chicken and National Geographic are now among our hundreds of enterprise customers....