Okta Community AMA Recap: Arturo Hinojosa, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Mobile

arturo amaLast week we held the Okta Community's first-ever Ask Me Anything with Okta Senior Product Marketing Manager, Arturo Hinojosa. We were thrilled by the response and it was great to see so many active members both in the Community and on Twitter join the conversation!

Here we've highlighted a few specific topics and answers from the AMA. Given our recent announcements and Arturo's mobility expertise, it was no surprise that several questions focused on Adaptive MFA and Okta Mobility Management (OMM).

Topics ranged from recommendations for deploying Okta services and those that were technical with specific use cases…

  • Matt Egan, Varian Medical: What is on the roadmap for leveraging MFA in non-SAML authentication scenarios? I've got a number of applications and/or situations where I need MFA, but that only support LDAP or LDAP + Radius, etc. Will there be anything similar to Azure MFA server or a DUO authentication proxy on the horizon?
  • AH: Yes – Okta is working on MFA features to help you out. Our team has been hard at work this quarter making significant improvements to our RADIUS capabilities, and we are currently planning what an LDAP-based MFA flow would look like.

...to helpful tips and tricks for Okta customers:

  • Patrick Kurz, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.: Arturo, we use Okta for almost all of our internal applications (out-of-the-box and homebrew apps). But we're not sure how we could use Okta to authenticate users on a mobile application that is written in HTML5. It'll be an application available from our private store for iPhone/Android. How would we use OKTA to authenticate users in a mobile application?
  • AH: If you own the application code, you can add SAML support to enable Okta Mobile Connect authentication. If the application can only support traditional username and password authentication, we will be announcing a couple of new features at Oktane in November that will enable your users to login without having to enter their credentials. In the meantime, for more information check out our developer site.

Arturo also shared his recommendations for Oktane15

  • Twitter: Will you be at Oktane this year? Any sessions you recommend?
  • AH: Yes! I will definitely be at Oktane this year. Please stop by and say hello. I will be presenting with Trunk Club on all the latest OMM and MFA features.The ones I highly recommend you check out (in addition to my own!) are the OMM deployment case study with Jeff Janovich (customer) from Carlisle Construction Materials. There is also a really interesting session with LinkedIn on MFA and YubiKey. And if you have never seen Karl McGuinness speak, you can't miss his talk on IoT. Very visionary and a great sneak peek into the future of identity and devices.

…and even what kind of shrimp he consumed during Okta’s shrimp eating contest last year.


  • Pablo Valarezo, Acxiom: About the shrimp eating... was it "liquid shrimp"?
  • AH: No – not liquid shrimp – we used the freshest possible shrimp – it felt like a competitive eating event was not the right time to try to pinch pennies! Unfortunately, the terms of the contest was that the loser paid..! Here is a picture of the shrimp and the winner, Aaron Yee.

The AMA was also helpful in answering a few customer-specific questions, showing just how valuable and personalized the Community can be. Log into your Community account to check out the full conversation, and stay tuned for our next AMA.

Finally, congratulations to customer Eric Johnstone on winning passes to #Oktane15! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. Interested in joining Eric? Register for Oktane15 here.