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Okta One-Minute Case Study: Cengage

The ambition of bringing innovation to education is nothing new. And when it comes to how students access learning materials, technology has made big advances in the last 25-30 years. How educational publishers have provided those digital materials, however, has traditionally been in-house and ad hoc, built by internal IT...

Businesses @ Work (from Home): The Education Edition

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people and organizations are rallying to respond to unprecedented challenges. With this massive disruption to what we consider ‘normal’, more people than ever are working and studying from the comfort of home. Within our schools and universities, teachers and students are figuring...

Working in Higher Ed? Learn How to Transform Efficiencies + Security

Higher education today faces many pressures to transform. Significant budget and financial constraints are driving colleges and universities to reduce costs and find more efficiencies. Incoming waves of digital-native students (and the growing competition to attract them) continually propel expectations for more modern online experiences. Unrelenting security threats and phishing...