Protect Against Account Takeover

Secure customer accounts by stopping identity and credential attacks.

An account takeover (ATO) is an identity attack where an attacker gains unauthorized access using a range of attack methods such as credential stuffing, phishing, session hijacking, etc to gain access to customer accounts and steal something of value.

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What types of attacks does Okta’s Account Takeover Solution Prevent?

We know attackers leverage a number of different attack vectors, therefore we built protections against the most common attack types.

Block automated threats

Leverage the power of Okta’s automated threats detection capability as the final barrier to Identify and act on  known automated bad actors.

  • Okta ThreatInsight leverages the power of the Okta network to identify known and block bad IP addresses using a simple checkbox. 
  • Okta ThreatInsight uses machine learning driven approach to accurately Identify and block malicious IP  behavior 
  • The solution works pre-authentication to ensure your service is not impacted
  • Setup clear-lists to remediate IP addresses that are no longer malicious 
  • Can work in conjunction with enterprise bot detection solutions to offer unmatched protection in layers

Stop credential stuffing and phishing attacks

Leverage Okta’s risk signals to detect and manage credential stuffing attacks. Okta allows you to strengthen primary authentication and risk based authentication to stop attackers.

  • Strong password policies allow prevents the risk of easy-to-guess passwords
  • Common password detection allows you to prevent the reuse of common passwords 
  • Okta’s risk signals across network, location, device, travel etc help you identify deviations from normal user login patterns. 
  • Okta’s phishing proof authentication and passwordless options help reduce the likelihood of a phishing or credential stuffing.
  • Secure credential and account recovery mechanisms with strong assurance.

Okta Products for layered protection against account takeovers


Okta authentication provides a secure front door for your customer authentication experience using standards like SAML and OpenID/OIDC.  Properly implemented authentication reaps security benefits including:

  • Reducing risks associated with broken authentication
  • Enforcing strong password requirements and detecting commonly used passwords
  • Adding MFA for social authentication providers 
  • Securing password reset and recovery flows from attackers
  • Embedding modern security for applications hosted on-premises
Authentication Okta Customer Exampes

Adaptive Authentication

Okta’s Adaptive Authentication (AMFA) analyzes risk from contextual signals associated with a login request. With no user input or interaction, AMFA can be a powerful ally against account takeovers by:

  • Analyzing signals associated with an authentication request
  • Using AI/ML in conjunction with a heuristics-based policy engine for security coverage
  • Integrating Okta’s threat-feed to provide insight into an attacker’s profile
  • Eliminating friction for legitimate users by only prompting MFA during elevated risk scenarios

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication push notification

Leverage a wide range of factor options to enforce strong primary or step-up authentication to meet customers’ assurance level requirements. This additional layer of security stops attackers by:  

  • Deploying at login or even downstream in the application 
  • Managing the entire MFA lifecycle across enrollment, authentication, and recovery 
  • Eliminating passwords in the authentication journey 
  • Providing an administrative console for effective security management and quick response