Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Unified Identity & Access Management for AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure

By extending Okta with Advanced Server Access, you can:

Mitigate the risk of admin credential sprawl

Tracking and managing admin keys & passwords is a tedious job with high stakes. We eliminate this burden by minting ephemeral credentials on-demand that don’t require any management or clean up.

Inject identity into your infrastructure automation

It’s difficult to know who has access to what resources when servers are constantly spinning up and down. We automate provisioning and deprovisioning of users and groups to keep up with dynamic infrastructure.

Enforce least privilege access

Granting admin access is like handing over the “keys to the kingdom”. We allow you to adhere to your security policies with strict role-based access controls to specific servers and for specific commands that can be run.

Universal Directory for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Unifying identity with Okta enables you to centralize user management, and to adopt any cloud environment, so that you can take advantage of the distinct capabilities each provider offers without being locked into their proprietary specifications.

Seamless Single Sign-On to Linux & Windows servers 

With unified identity, all access to environments is centralized, making it easier to manage and enforce role based access controls. End users benefit from the same seamless Single Sign-On experience whether they’re logging into a server on-premises, or a cloud instance on AWS, GCP, or Azure via SSH or RDP.

Enable cloud velocity at scale

Automated Lifecycle Management of admin users

With Okta, accounts are automatically provisioned and deprovisioned based on HR-led events. No more manual processes that take days or scrambling to decommission admin access when someone leaves.

Zero Trust security with Adaptive Multifactor Authentication

The walls of the traditional network perimeter break down in the cloud. With Okta, you can add custom policies to ensure only fully authenticated and authorized requests are granted, and that the credential and connection match independently, preventing lateral movement.

Shift Identity Left - Secure DevOps Automation

As more organizations automate the delivery of software and provisioning of infrastructure, ensuring the right security guard rails are in place early on in the process is critical. With Okta, you can make identity & access part of your automation, not an afterthought.

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Inject controls directly into your automation

Whether you deploy infrastructure using Terraform, Chef, Puppet, or Ansible, Okta makes it easy to bake identity & access controls into your code, so you don’t have to manage separate service accounts with static credentials.

Remove barriers from scaling your automation

Nothing halts progress quite like things that don’t scale well, which traditional access management products are notorious for. Designed for speed, Okta can be deployed across large scale, global fleets in mere minutes.

Solve challenging compliance requirements

Security teams are on the hook to meet compliance standards, but without blocking the business. Okta understands this challenge, and designs its products to meet these requirements without getting in the way.

A Zero Trust architecture for your critical infrastructure resources

With Okta, every login is independently authenticated and authorized, and minted an ephemeral credential tightly scoped to the individual request.

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Okta Advanced Server Access Zero Trust Server Authentication

1. Users login to a server directly from their local SSH or RDP tools - integrated with the Client Application

2. Okta authenticates the user & device, then authorizes the request against the respective role-based access controls

3. The backend platform mints a short-lived client certificate scoped to the user, connecting device, and target server

4. The Client uses the certificate to initiate a secure SSH or RDP session with the target server

5. The login event is captured via the server agent, and sent to the audit log or 3rd party SIEM service


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