Secure your employees' access to apps

Give your employees simple and secure access to the tools they want, while still maintaining control of your IT environment

The Challenge

Enterprise IT is blowing up

You've gone from managing dozens of user accounts to managing thousands. Every user is requesting a unique set of cloud apps. And they all want to work from anywhere, on their own devices. Yikes.

We feel you. Okta helps IT teams spend less time administrating and more time plotting strategy. We do it by providing a centralized location where users can simply and securely access their apps, and where IT can automatically manage identities, administer credentials, and secure users' access.

The Solution

Okta IT Products

Single Sign-On

Free your people from password chains. A single set of credentials gives them access to enterprise apps in the cloud, on-prem, and on mobile devices.

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  • Automatic Authentication
  • Okta Application Network
  • Flexible Authentication Options
  • User Activation
  • Browser, Desktop, and Mobile SSO
  • Self-Service Admin

Mobility Management

Use a mobility management system that puts user identities at the center, securing mobile access while ensuring top-shelf user experience.

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  • Contextual Access Management
  • Directory and App Integration
  • Core Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Device Lifecycle Management

Universal Directory

Deploy a flexible, cloud-based user store to customize, organize, and manage any set of user attributes.


  • One Source of Truth
  • Seamless Information Exchange
  • Single-Tenant Deployment
  • Extensible User Profiles
  • Standard Attributes

Locked down

  • Reduce app password reuse and eliminate use of sticky notes to keep track of your passwords
  • Tighten your organization's security with an identity-based access-management strategy
  • Prevent front-door security breaches
  • Protect against security compromises due to password loss, phishing, or theft
  • Build a strong foundation with the industry's most secure cloud platform

More money. Fewer problems.

  • Boost your people's productivity by cutting the time they spend loggin in and getting set up on apps
  • Decrease IT costs by eliminating helpdesk calls for forgotten passwords, lost URLs, password resets, and account lock-outs
  • Get more work done

We put Okta in front of our applications and that then allowed a single user name and password from the desktop all the way into the application itself, which accelerated the usage of those apps.

– Dan Backer, Director of Campus Technology, National Geographic

National Geographic

Okta helps National Geographic spend more time working, and less time fighting technology.