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It’s a New World with WebAuthn: Passwordless Authentication Goes Primetime

The vision of a secure, passwordless experience on the web has long been on the minds of security professionals and password-fatigued users. An open standard called Web Authentication (or “WebAuthn”) is rapidly progressing towards achieving that vision after hitting a major milestone this week.

Specifically, on April 10 the...

What is Secure Customer Identity (aka User Management)?

In the modern app ecosystem, virtually every application leverages identity to provide customized and secure user experiences. Customer identity and access management (CIAM), also known as secure user management, or secure customer identity, is the system an application deploys to determine who a user is, and what information they have...

4 Compliance Regulations Every CISO Should Know

The job of a CISO is a tough one. Adaptability is key in a field where change is the only real constant, as new laws, evolving regulations, and increasingly complex security threats challenge even the most seasoned executive.

While many of the regulations that CISOs deal with...