Ed Sawma

Director, Product Marketing

Ed Sawma is a Director of Product Marketing at Okta where he manages Okta Single Sign-on, Universal Directory and Provisioning. After starting his career in IT consulting, with a focus on system integration and security, Ed led product marketing globally for mobile applications at Motorola.

Prior to Okta, he worked on Microsoft’s IPTV platform. Ed has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Northwestern University. In his spare time, Ed enjoys cooking and studying the history of food.

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What is SAML?

From CRMs for salespeople to invoice systems for accountants, the proliferation of SaaS web apps has made life easier for many employees. However, even the adoption of the most productivity-enhancing apps can lead to unintended inefficiencies and risks. These can range from frequent “I forgot my password” calls that inundate...

Okta Embraces OpenID Connect

As new cloud apps and services proliferate the enterprise, interoperability becomes an increasingly critical imperative for workforces to collaborate and increase productivity. At Okta, we’re committed to supporting modern standards that help our customers easily and securely connect people with technology.

That’s why we’re excited to share...

The Foundation for Cloud-first, Mobile-first IT

As the adoption of cloud and mobile increase, with a power boost from the Okta Application Network, Okta is enabling organizations of all sizes to start saying “yes” to its employees a lot more.

At Okta, we understand that by enabling IT decision makers to say “yes”...

Five Reasons Why ADFS Isn’t Dead Yet

For over a decade, Microsoft has offered ADFS as the answer to extending enterprise identity beyond the firewall. And thousands of organizations still deploy and use it – a fact that's left many puzzled (ourselves included). In the age of cloud services, massive innovation cycles and more choices than ever,...