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Update from Okta – Heartbleed

You’ve likely read about the Heartbleed vulnerability that has affected much of the Internet. The short version: Heartbleed is a bug that affects the way online services encrypt connections between their service and their users, and if not corrected can … Continue reading

New Year, New Use Cases: How We’re Driving New Kinds of Value for Cloud Service Providers

Okta was founded in 2009 with unwavering focus on customer success. As we grow, we’ve continued to learn about the companies with which we work, the unique challenges they face and new ways that we can provide massive value for … Continue reading

Integrate More Applications into Okta’s Application Network

The consumerization of applications and devices is changing the way businesses approach technology. Companies are putting people first, placing emphasis on the user experience rather than the technology itself. IT departments are seeing an even greater proliferation of specialized applications, … Continue reading

Okta Highlights from 2013: A Year in Numbers

2013 included many milestones for Okta.  We made the leap across the pond to open our first international office in London. Our co-founders were on mainstream TV for the first time – featured on CNBC’s Squawk Box and on Bloomberg … Continue reading

Building Okta Mobile for iOS

Looks cool, right? Well, it was no easy task. A lot went into building Okta Mobile for iOS. I’d have to write a multi-page article to cover all of the aspects involved in building a mobile app, so let’s instead … Continue reading

App Roulette: Jump Start Your Day!

At Okta, we are fully committed to increasing the security and productivity of our users. In fact, it’s the driving force of our business. Today we are proud to announce our latest and most innovative feature in pursuit of this … Continue reading

Managing Results from Continuous Testing

One of the most important requirements to ensure before deploying to production is that to-be shipped artifacts have adequately passed a suite of tests that define correct behavior.  If code in a particular git commit has vaulted this bar, we … Continue reading

Keeping Selenium Tests 100 Percent Blue

I spoke earlier this year at the San Francisco Selenium Meetup about how Okta’s engineering team addresses test failures and keeps its tests 100 percent blue. In the video (embedded below), I describe the team’s strategic iterations toward test automation … Continue reading

Simple Jenkins Configuration and Deployment

At Okta, we’ve gone through many iterations of using Jenkins to build and test our software. We use a number of tools to make sure our code works properly, and we like to have Jenkins manage these. The list would … Continue reading

With Okta You Get More Than Technology (Though the Technology is Pretty Good, Too)

It’s common practice to evaluate a company primarily on its product and features — and for good reason: often technology companies and their products are one and the same. This is especially true in Silicon Valley where the race to … Continue reading

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