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App Security

I Snuck a Bad Apple into the Basket, and Nobody Noticed

Imagine the havoc a sophisticated threat actor could wreak by tricking a user into downloading and executing malicious code that current security products deem as safe. They can get access to personal data, financial details, or sensitive insider information. That scenario is precisely what could happen based on...

By Matias Brutti

Navigating the New Perimeter

As corporate employees are now regularly accessing their enterprise applications and data from mobile devices and cloud applications, the traditional idea of the enterprise network boundary is vanishing. Enterprises are grappling with the reality where the network perimeter is defined by the employee identity. Securing this “Identity Perimeter” and managing...

The marriage of user experience and security

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so everyone is talking about love — us included. Here at Okta, while we’re certainly swooning over roses, wine, and chocolates, what we really hold near and dear are our relationships with customers and the experiences they have with our technology. We obsess over uniting...