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Jiong Liu

Director, Product Marketing - Customer Identity

Jiong Liu leads the product marketing team for Okta’s Customer Identity products, working closely with customers to deliver trusted, tailored B2B and B2C experiences. Prior to that, Jiong led the strategy, content and tools for Okta’s Business Value practice. Jiong holds bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of California, Berkeley and a MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School.


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99.99% Uptime For Every Customer

Identity has become a cornerstone of our digital lives, whether it’s through technology adoption at work, personal app usage at home, or anywhere in between. The fundamental role of identity manifests through nearly every person who connects to the internet, as each app, service, or tool needs to identify...

Okta Hooks: Unlock Extensibility

There have historically been two types of integration in the Okta Integration Network: single sign-on for access and lifecycle management for provisioning and deprovisioning. Today, we’re pleased to launch a new, third type of integration: Okta Hooks . Okta Hooks enables customers to use their own code...

How to Use Progressive Profiling as a Privacy Tool

User experience is top of mind for developers building customer-facing applications—and an important element of that is collecting user information. When developers avoid lengthy forms and overwhelming data capture as part of the onboarding process, users have a more seamless experience, right from the outset of using a new application....

The Connective Tissue: How APIs Drive Business Growth

Most of the pivotal developments in human history have facilitated better connection. From written language to the Gutenberg printing press, whenever we improve our communication, society as a whole leaps forward.

In the digital era, the internet revolutionized our lives by enabling instant global communication. This paved the way...

The Battle Between Build vs. Buy

Every development team must decide which components to build in-house and which to offload to a 3rd party vendor. This decision is often difficult and hotly debated. After all, most developers chose this career in order to build cool things! Choosing to relinquish that control to buy a solution can...

Customer Identity: A Q&A with Forrester Research

Consumers today are demanding rich experiences on their own terms, on their own schedules, just in time, and on mobile. Medical appointments can be scheduled with a few taps for later in the day, photos can be uploaded from your iPhone and printed at your local pharmacy, and last minute...