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Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service – Part 4: Endless 9s Reliability

I recently released the first, second and third installments of a six-part blog series about what it takes to have an enterprise-ready cloud service, and the three characteristics that differentiate an enterprise-grade cloud service from a typical consumer service: security, … Continue reading

Build It, and They Will Come. Build it Right, and They Will Stay

Wrong: http://youtu.be/kuOj-Ssf4y8 Right: http://youtu.be/arQmNjWsTz0 So, you’ve found the cloud application of your dreams.  It does everything you ever thought you could want and ten things you didn’t know you wanted but now can’t imagine living without.  It took less than … Continue reading

With Okta You Get More Than Technology (Though the Technology is Pretty Good, Too)

It’s common practice to evaluate a company primarily on its product and features — and for good reason: often technology companies and their products are one and the same. This is especially true in Silicon Valley where the race to … Continue reading