digital identity

In the real world, it’s easy to prove someone’s identity, but tracking that profile digitally is much more complicated. From storing usernames and passwords to providing access controls, defining and protecting a user’s digital identity is the cornerstone of Okta’s security offering.

5 Reasons You Want an Out-of-the-Box Identity Service

Whether you’re building a new app or migrating a legacy app to the cloud, you face a choice: build everything in-house or selectively use out-of-the-box services to make the job easier and faster. Out-of-the-box services like Twilio, for messaging, and Braintree, for payments, have gained popularity because they help lean dev teams remain agile…

4 Tools to Keep in your Risk-Assessment Toolbox

As more companies move to support cloud-based environments to work with better mobility and flexibility, their number of vulnerability points also increase. A thriving underground economy that trades in hacking tools, cyber crime services, stolen data, and credentials is estimated to be worth $600 billion annually—that’s more than the film, gaming…