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Build secure, seamless customer experiences

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Okta Customer Identity

The challenge

Expand and enhance interactions with customers through seamless and secure digital experiences

Organizations struggle to scale their apps and bring them to market at the speed required to be competitive. Old and outdated approaches to identity and access management do not support seamless digital experiences. Building modern identity internally is extremely complex and time-consuming, and it increases your security risk. High-profile security breaches are eroding customer trust in digital experiences.

How can you scale and ensure seamless digital experiences?

The solution

Okta Customer Identity

Okta Customer Identity is an identity service that enables frictionless experiences, speed-to-market, centralized management, and internet-scale security. Okta Customer Identity is developer friendly and secure with minimal custom code. You can flexibly apply modern identity when you’re building an app, integrating multiple apps, looking to add account takeover protection, modernizing, and building a platform.

Social Authentication

Okta allows people to sign in to your apps and portals with login information from social networking services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn. By eliminating the need for extra usernames and passwords, Okta Social Authentication lowers the barriers to entry and boosts registration rates.

  • Authenticate users from any social identity provider
  • Use Okta's supported social providers or build your own standards-based connections
  • Sync profile attributes to Universal Directory for one view of users
  • Simplify onboarding with a just-in-time provisioning flow that creates a new account with no extra steps

Universal Directory

User identities live in a lot of different places. With Okta's Universal Directory, you can create a centralized view of all your users, wherever they're sourced. It'll make access management more straightforward and secure and give users a consistent experience across your products.

  • Build a single repository for user identity information
  • Store profiles, manage passwords, and apply access policies
  • Create a consistent UX across every part of your app

Single Sign-On

If your product connects several apps together but requires people to authenticate every time they jump into a new section, you're losing major UX points. With Okta, users can click once to sign in to everything.

  • Link any set of applications with one username, one password, and one session
  • Deploy pre-built integrations into apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Netsuite, and Box
  • Rely on Okta for testing and maintenance of your connectors, and get the certainty that they're always up to date

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

You need to secure your apps. Your users need hassle-free usability. Okta Adaptive MFA applies adaptive risk detection to build extra protection into your products. And with a range of modern verification factors, the system flexes according to different users' needs.

  • Add a strong security layer to your authentication flow
  • Set policies to apply MFA based on user profile, resource, and risk score
  • Offer a range of factors, including SMS, Google Authenticator, and Okta Verify with Push