From 'What is Cloud?' to Real-World Applications: AMAG Pharmaceuticals at Bio-IT World

Guest post by Nathan McBride, vice president, IT at AMAG Pharmaceuticals

It’s funny to think that just three years ago I gave a presentation to a large consulting firm on what they might encounter in enterprise IT in the next few years called “What is the Cloud?” Since then I have had the unique experience of being able to speak at conferences and gatherings across the country, but you won’t hear me giving that introductory “What is the Cloud?” talk anymore.

Based on the requests for types of presentations that I’ve received recently, it’s obvious that more and more companies have gotten past the “wet feet” stage of moving to the cloud and are now looking for strategies and information about the next steps in embracing a cloud service model within the enterprise.

To kick off my 2013, I’ll be speaking at Bio-IT World in Boston on Wednesday, April 10 at 11:00 am ET about several topics in a session titled “Pharma Disruptors: A Real-World Look Into How Cloud Computing Can Impact Your Business”. In the presentation, I’ll cover how my company, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, and our IT team of just four moved our department to the cloud by:

  • Eliminating Active Directory from our environment;
  • Embracing the external SSO model with Okta (which we now use as our primary source of authentication);
  • Replacing our data center with Google Apps;
  • And many of the other technological changes we have implemented over the past three years.

More importantly, I will explain why we did this, which always seems to be the first question asked.

Disruptive technologies are fast becoming the norm and AMAG practices the disruptive model in all aspects of what we do. The ultimate goal for us -- give employees the best tools to do the best work from anywhere at any time -- is something we strive towards constantly.

In addition to Bio-IT, this year I’ll also be speaking at Life Science Enterprise & IT Cloud Computing Forum (Phoenix, April 25-26), CITE Conference + Expo (San Francisco, June 2-4), Cloud Expo East (New York, June 10-13) and others. In each talk, I’ll be revisiting this theme as both our model, and the industry, continues to evolve.

Hope to see you at Bio-IT World!