AMAG Pharmaceuticals: Going Crazy in the Cloud with Okta

Throw together Nathan McBride, the cloud and a little bit of crazy and you’ve got yourself the IT team at AMAG Pharmaceuticals. Now 100 percent in the cloud, this biopharmaceutical company combating kidney disease boldly cured itself of Active Directory by implementing Okta cloud identity management and an intricate roadmap.

“I have a staff of four in my department,” said Nathan McBride, AMAG’s vice president of IT. “That is a very scalable number... in the sense that if our company grew, doubled or tripled in size, we would not need to augment our IT department [or] our data center; we would simply need to add more licenses in the cloud [and] expand our current services at very minimal cost.”

It’s clear Nathan’s vision for IT is one of scalability and agility. For him, moving to the cloud was a no-brainer and so was choosing Okta identity management.

“We talked to Okta and Okta, I think, thought we were a little crazy at the time for stating that we would be getting rid of Active Directory, and we would need them to come with us to do it,” Nathan explained. “We talked about the Okta roadmap, and the group management, and the password expert management, and a way to enforce policy and all these things that were becoming. And to us, that was the biggest decision maker. That was the thing that influenced us the most... Okta’s willingness to work with us on our crazy plan.”

Our constant innovation makes Okta a strong partner for AMAG, which is also constantly innovating (and is currently seeking to expand its label to fight other types of cancer). “Okta has continued to provide the things we’ve asked for, when we’ve asked for them,” Nathan said. “And that’s been key.”

To hear our full interview with Nathan, watch AMAG’s customer testimonial video below or on our website.