Secure, Modern Authentication for Your App or Website Should Be Free

Millions of people rely on third-party identity solutions every day to securely connect the devices and networks that make up the modern workplace. As a leading identity and access partner, we help companies add authentication, authorization, and user management capabilities to their web and mobile apps. Last fall we launched expanded APIs and our Developer Edition to enable teams to build software with security top-of-mind by using Okta as their identity layer. Now we’re extending these capabilities even further with a new API offering: Okta API Products One App. And here’s the best part — this one’s on us.

We’re making it easier and more affordable for organizations to use Okta to power modern authentication for any single website or application. If you opt to display “Identity by Okta” branding on your login page, you can use Okta API Products One App for free.

Okta API Products One App

Protecting identities is hard, and with data breaches on the rise, it’s more important than ever that companies build secure authentication, authorization, and user management into their products. API Products One App (and the optional “Identity by Okta” branding) provides a simple solution, taking the stress of building identity infrastructure off internal engineering teams, so that companies can get their products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Whether you’re a large-scale enterprise creating a single digital experience, a startup experiencing hyper growth, or a nonprofit with limited resources, you can easily integrate API Products One App into your product. This means your authentication solution will always have the latest security updates, doesn’t require ongoing maintenance by internal devs, and offers your end users a seamless log-in experience.

Several features make this possible:

  • Self-registration allows users that are actively part of your community to easily register for an account.
  • Social authentication enables end users to log in and create an account with a social identity, further accelerating registration for new users.
  • The admin app makes user management simple for developers, including managing users, groups, apps, APIs and policies.
  • Developer-friendly tools and controls allow developers to use Okta’s widgets, SDKs, toolkits, documentation, wizards, and code snippets to add modern identity to any app in minutes with full protocol, factor, and policy support.
  • Authentication and directory services to easily drop authentication into any web or mobile app.
  • REST API offers developers maximum control over the user experience, with direct access to the full granularity of the Okta REST API.

Okta API Products One App also includes several multi-factor options that are part of Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). With MFA, you can add strong authentication during either initial app login or contextual step-up authentication for sensitive resources and actions, adding another critical layer of protection for customer and employee information.

The security you need — wherever you may need it

Today’s threat landscape requires software providers to maintain complex authentication strategies in order to protect their customers’ information. Okta takes care of powering a simple, secure customer experience. For example, when Namely — a Human Resource solution that helps companies handle their HR, payroll, time management, and benefits in one place — set out to create a centralized all-in-one HR platform, they turned to Okta as the leading expert in authentication. Adding Okta MFA to their platform helped Namely ensure a secure user experience for over 1,000 customers serving more than 175,000 employees globally.

Global social enterprise TechSoup helps nearly one million nonprofit organizations gain access to the technology and services they need to build a more equitable planet. They also turned to Okta to power secure authentication. Their member portal enables over 70 NGOs around the world to receive donated products from top technology providers, find resources and training, and connect with peer organizations through community forums. With Okta API Products for One App, TechSoup will be able to power a more seamless, secure authentication experience for its member community — giving their partner organizations access to the resources and information they need, exactly when they need them.

We’re making secure authentication accessible for everyone

We believe that everyone has the right to privacy and data security. We also believe that engineering resources should be able to focus on building the best possible product by leaving authentication, authorization and user management to the experts. Okta API Products One App delivers across the board: an easy answer to the build vs. buy debate, customizable login and user management, and a cost-effective choice for any organization, no matter its size.

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