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Representation Matters: Introducing Okta's People of Color

Identity matters because we’re all unique. We were raised in different places. We have unique backgrounds. We’ve faced specific challenges. And we've learned a lot along the way. At Okta we believe those experiences equip us to look at the world with our own perspective.

But it’s no secret...

By Brittany Braxton and Sydney Lew in #LifeAtOkta

Word to Your Mother (and Father!)

Okta is committed to working women and men at all stages of their careers, especially during the life-changing event of having kids. This year, the Women @ Okta employee resource group is celebrating Mother’s Day by highlighting a few of the special families that make up our Okta...

International Women's Day 2018: Lots to Celebrate, But Still Much to Do

For many women — myself included — International Women's Day is a day of mixed feelings. It’s a day to celebrate the strides women have made in the past and present, encourage each other to keep fighting the good fight, and inspire future generations of young women and girls....

By Lorraine Costello

6 Trends Shaping Today’s Workplace

We’ve heard it all before. Headlines have long heralded “a workplace revolution.” But today, that buzz is finally taking form. Grey cubicles, rigid work hours, and clunky on-premises frameworks are being usurped by more flexible policies.

This ethos of liberation extends to technology too — the cloud, identity-driven...