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Innovating Identity on the Blockchain

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An Experience Developers Love, Enterprises Trust: Okta for Customer Identity

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Identity and Device Management for The Extended Enterprise

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Okta for Startups: Free Identity Tools for Entrepreneurs

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Context + Access: How Identity-Driven Security Can Prevent Breaches in Your Business

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Increase Business Agility by Reducing Your AD Footprint

When NASA re-engineered the space shuttle, they were heavily constrained by the size of the rocket boosters attached to it. These boosters were manufactured by an outside company and shipped by train, and thus limited by the size of American trains. U.S. train tracks were designed based on train tracks...

The Production Line: The LDAP Interface

For our third edition of The Production Line , we’re looking at something old, made new again with the LDAP Interface . In essence, it’s a hybrid IT game changer. If this sounds like hyperbole, note this customer quote: “[with the LDAP interface] we could...

Internet Fame + Backlash (The Online YOU)

“Going viral.” It’s a perfect term, really, to describe the particularly modern Internet phenomenon of how quickly a piece of content can spread – everyone liking that tweet, or watching that video, or reading that blog post. But along with Internet fame often comes Internet backlash, where virality turns...

Introducing... Your Story Inspires, with Corey Rawdon

At Okta, your identity is a big deal. In our new series, Your Story Inspires , we’re sharing the personal and professional journeys of the Okta community, showcasing all our unique experiences, and how each one inspires us. We’ll focus on Oktanauts from all backgrounds, getting their take on navigating...

Customer Identity Landscape: Building Highly Scalable Apps

Today’s customers have higher than ever expectations when it comes to their digital applications. These expectations are driving products to be more sophisticated with increasingly shorter release cycles. A pivotal component when building any customer-facing application is connecting directly to users, and an identity management system that is secure, scalable,...

Microservices Drive Flexibility. But Where Does Identity Fit In?

Up until recently, most technology architecture has been monolithic, with services and code contained within a single large and complex application. Now, we’re increasingly seeing architecture broken into autonomous units—or microservices—built for specific individual functions. Microservices increase the agility and scalability of an organization by allowing distributed teams to work...

How Okta’s Customers Are Changing the Customer Identity Game

Regardless of their industry or size, every organization is becoming a technology company—and consumer demand for convenience and ease of use is the leading cause. Organizations need to enable their customers to access their tools, products, and services while providing them with intuitive digital experiences.

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