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Introducing… The Dogfooding Chronicles

Here at Okta, our goal and mantra is to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time . “Dogfooding” our product (our definition below), is a key element in obtaining this goal, and the team that gets it done is the Okta on...

The Case for Securing your B2B Connections

Whether you’re a clothing company integrating with an online shopping platform, a kitchen appliance manufacturer offering smart interfaces, or a nutritional supplement provider releasing a health app, these days every company is a technology company.

In this new business landscape, innovation goes hand-in-hand with collaboration, as more and more...

OAuth: When Things Go Wrong

Picture this: you sign up for a new app, and it asks if any of your friends are using it. In order to find out, the app asks for your email address...and your password. While it seems ludicrous now, this was once considered a normal user flow. But many apps...

Embracing the Kanyes of Our Organization

Let’s talk about Kanye.

You might remember that he was featured on international news when he entered his phone password on live TV. But the part that earned him national mockery was the password itself: 000000.

It’s easy to laugh at the example he set, but, unfortunately, his...

A Path to Achieving Network Security ZEN

As new philosophies around network security arise alongside ongoing technological advances, forward-thinking companies are changing the way users interact with—and feel about—network security as part of their work day.

People are the new perimeter

Up until recently, network security relied upon a network perimeter—anything inside the perimeter...