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Advanced Server Access

How to Manage Linux Identities Without LDAP

A common configuration for on-premises Linux servers includes using an LDAP directory to manage identities and for user authentication. This approach has been a de-facto standard and best practice for more than a decade. But LDAP directories have posed challenges to administrators and security professionals. There is a better way...

How to Centrally Manage Server User Attributes With Okta

A major driver for any organization’s identity strategy is to have a single authoritative source where security policies are consistently applied. Disparate identity stores lead to disparate controls, which makes it incredibly difficult to adhere to your compliance-mandated security policies. Okta has grown to be the market leader in...

Putting the 8 Principles of Infrastructure Access into Practice

IT and security teams want to protect sensitive data and systems from online threats to preserve both the bottom line and their organization’s reputation. This means securing access to cloud and on-prem infrastructure. But legacy techniques have largely failed users and IT administrators in this regard—it’s time for a modern...